Adding to the lure of poker and all surrounding it, Jaime Gold busted out of the gate and won the 2006 World Series of Poker Main Event in Las Vegas with an impressive display of skill. After the first 3 days he took the chip lead and never looked back. He managed to keep a massive lead over the other players by staying level headed. All this from a player who has only been playing a few years – not bad at all. There’s more to this guy besides poker and progressive slots too.

He is 36 years old and he was born in NYC. This champ lives in sunny Malibu, California and works as a TV producer. Even before he started his own production company, he had an impressive career as an agent to the stars. Not bad achievements for someone in their 30s.

When he was an agent he represented some pretty famous celebrities such as Felicity Huffman, James Gandolfini, Lucy Liu and many more.

He counts Johnny Chan as his inspiration for wanting to play this game to the best of his ability. Event though Gold relatively unknown before snagging the massive, record breaking final table pot, he has won 15 other cashes from other major tourney events.

This is his first bracelet (in 2006) and he will be the player to watch in the coming events. After winning the final table of the 2006WSOP Main Event, he dedicated his skillful game play to his father who is ill. AT press time for this pro poker player bio (August 2006) his father is in the late stages of Lou Gehrig ’s disease also known as ALS. Noting that the WSOP was created in the year he was born, 1970, Jaime Gold only wants his father to be proud of him. Between winning at poker and holding successful careers, we are sure his father is proud.

His game of choice is none other than Texas Hold’em and he plays poker whenever he has free time.

We love the inspiration that most all of the poker players who have achieved any success account themselves to. Jaime Gold is no exception to the rule that anyone can win the WSOP Main Event. It was not too many years ago when we witnessed a young Chris Moneymaker win out of nowhere.

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